What does Patient Engagement mean?

Patient Engagement occurs when each individual patient and family member is empowered to take an active role in their care. It means they are empowered to communicate their needs problems and preferences  and have them resolved.  Patient Engagement happens when the Health Care industry adapts readily to individual and family circumstances, as well as differing cultures, languages, disabilities, health literacy levels and social backgrounds.  It enables the  kind of person-centered care, which sees a person as a multifaceted individual rather than the carrier of a particular symptom or illness, requires a partnership between the provider and the patient with shared power and responsibility in decision making and care management.  It  gives the patient access to understandable information and decision support tools that help patients manage their health and navigate the health care delivery system.  Person-centered care means defining success not just by the resolution of clinical syndromes but also by whether patients achieve their desired outcomes. [Reference: National Strategy for Quality Improvement, Section 2, #2 Ensuring Patient and Family Centered Care]