Patient Experience Engagement Loop

Wellby’s Patient Experience Engagement Loop offers more problem solving quality assurance and compliance data versatility than the alternatives.

The Wellby Loop provides an instantaneous view of the Patient’s status and self-identified needs, problems and preferences which otherwise may go undetected. Undetected needs, problems and preferences are the most significant factors associated with avoidable health deterioration and excess costs.

The Wellby Loop combines high tech software, content, analytics, portal, app and more. It activates the ability to perform real-time, standards-based interventions that positively impact the individual and collective Patient Experience.

Wellby's frontend backend capabilities enable the ability to loop in and interact with Millennials, Xers, Boomers, Greatest, integrate with EMR, PHR, Portal - to ascertain the knowledge needed to guarantee an excellent Patient Experience for all.

Easy Patient Access, enrollment, engagement, status, coordination, education, outreach, insights and performance analytics spanning all points of care, InPatient, OutPatient, at-home and on-the-go, make it hassle free for all involved stakeholders to have a more manageable and rewarding experience. This translates into better more affordable health.

Patients have valuable information to share      

Wellby makes it hassle free to loop Patients and families into excellent healthcare experiences every time


  • Provides the ability to access health care on the Patient's timetable
  • Empowers Patients and Families to generate Provider-Requested and Self-Directed actionable, real-time information
  • Instantly analyzes and triages Patients' Experience, then stratifies and communicates data for coordinated actions
  • Documents outcomes. Creates Audit Trail. Immediately infuses organizations with vital learning knowledge
  • Fosters zero-defect culture and the Triple Aim
  • Loops Patients into retail Pharmacy, Primary and Urgent Care, InPatient, OutPatient and Home based Telehealth

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