Wellby’s web-based software is easy to use, powerful and runs on devices your organization already has. Powered by the Wellby Secure Cloud, the Wellby system can be accessed through browsers, native apps for smartphones and tablets, and with custom hardware platforms.  All these elements working in sync with the Wellby Content Manager, in real-time, provide a longitudinal standards-based view of a patient’s healthcare journey across the InPatient, OutPatient and Home settings.


  • Customized interfaces for Patient-facing and Client-facing elements with role-based access
  • Survey Integrator: works across all platforms and includes complex rules engine and content tied to national standards
  • Risk Identification Engine: monitors compliance with standards and triages identification of patient needs, problems and preferences in real-time. Sophisticated logic includes alerts based on standards out-of-range values, composite values, non-reporting and threshold values
  • CRM Module: allows tracking and reporting of interventions taken to resolve identified patient issues in the InPatient, OutPatient and Home settings
  • Secure Messaging: allows secure communication and document sharing between healthcare stakeholders such as patients, providers, pharmacists, friends, family and patient advocates
  • Analytics: Real-time reporting interface includes dashboards, key performance indicators, issue interventions/resolution reports, merged data sets and national quality program reporting suites, all designed to translate feedback into actionable decision support.

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