Mobile App

The WellbyMobile app is easy and engaging software for patients to stay connected with their healthcare at home or on the go. It runs on the most popular mobile devices with versions for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

With simple, one-minute Daily Check-Ins, care providers and care coordinators can identify patients whose condition may be worsening, allowing for early intervention. Alerts can be generated based on out of range values, repeated threshold values or no reports for a certain period of time. Wellby classifies and triages these alerts allowing care coordinators to focus on their highest priority cases first.

Secure Clinical Messages can also be sent to patients with WellbyMobile. These can be automatically generated messages such condition specific educational material, medication and preventive care reminders, or specific provider-originated messages and requests.


  • Native iOS and Android app
  •  Installable on smart phones and tablets
  • JSON-based API over HTTPS for secure communication with secure data center
  • One-time account login at setup, custom security PIN for subsequent access
  • No local storage of PHI
  • Notification (lock-screen), messaging and assessment request functionality
  • Reminders/Health Trackers
  • Easy to use, no typing interface elements
  • Scheduled, triggered or user-initiated interactive elements



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