Wellby® is a scalable, interoperable platform used for immediate detection of and response to, multi-dimensional patient related needs, problems and preferences. Wellby electronically connects and contemporaneously informs and exchanges information instantly with appropriate stakeholders, so appropriate corrective actions can be taken upon notification. It is utilized for capturing comprehensive structured and unstructured feedback direct from the source that addresses problems of today and the future. The platform’s backend is used to inform, identify possible interventions and document actions needed and taken for management's Rapid Cycle Improvement analysis and understanding of how to avoid future adverse events. The System is used to identify patients at risk with immediate notification to the response team for remediation and to trace the corrective activities to completion. Example outcomes which can be enhanced are: 

Patient Safety
Transitions of Care
Care Coordination
Wound & Disease Management
Readmission DRG
Holdback Reduction
Behavioral Wellness
Quality Reporting

Sample Applications

Wellby empowers patients to electronically access healthcare across the care continuum wherever they reside, to report their needs, problems and preferences on demand, and to have their status monitored.  This allows more frequent and timely provider-patient interactions that serve to strengthen the provider's partnership with the patient and their family members. Wellby also calibrates the patient's voice with health care standards and outcomes measures for a range of stakeholder reporting requirements.

Stakeholders Differentiation Care Management

Financial Analysis

  • Reimbursement Improvement

  • Cost Avoidance

  • Utilization Review

Service  Analysis

  • Health Care Outcomes Measures

  • Health Care Improvement

    • Operational Performance

    • Accountability

    • Policy making

  • More


  • Treatment Adherence

  • Provision of Standards-Based Care

  • Barriers to Care

  • Special Needs


  • Mental Health Flags

  • Suicidal Flags


  • Medication Adherence

  • Medication Access Considerations

  • Medication Cost Considerations

This System’s core purpose is to expeditiously obtain deeper interpersonal information relevant to standards-based patient safety, quality and cost to get the patient what they need in the most expedient time to reduce their pain and suffering, and reduce the cost of their health care. The system is used to converge, triage and communicate  provider-requested and patient-directed information  in real-time to intensify care services, in some cases virtually, in order to more rapidly resolve needs, problems and preferences, which otherwise may cause a deterioration in the patient’s condition, e.g. adverse psychotropic medications, dialysis and infection complications. 

Because Wellby can integrate patient-generated data from all points of care, it’s ideal use is culture change. Wellby can be used to collect and exchange empirical data needed to make fundamental systemwide changes in day to day operations, e.g. patient and payer focused assessment of proper utilization of high volume pharmaceuticals, medical treatment and balances in risk and cost. Wellby provides a distinct advantage for stakeholders, particularly those involved in risk arrangements, comparisons of cost and quality outcomes, and specifically patients seeking more manageable, rewarding health care experiences.