Information Technology For Patient Empowerment in Healthcare                                                                                                    DEGruyter Publishing, Chapter 13 - Patient engagement at the point of care: technology as an enabler. March 2015 ISBN: 978-1- 61451-434-3  Read more            

Healthcare Information Management Systems: Cases, Strategies, and Solutions 4th Edition                                                      Springer Publishing, Chapter 16 - Patient-Interactive Healthcare Management, a model for achieving Patient Experience Excellence Read more

Peer Reviewed Articles / IRB Governed Studies

JHIM, Spring 2015, Vol. 29 / Number 2 - No Patient Engagement, No Chance for Adherence  Download Article

JHIM, Winter 2014, Vol. 28 / Number 1 - Bringing Patients into the Loop Using Technology to Engage Patients and Improve Outcomes  Download Article

AJMC, July 2011, Vol. 17/ Number 7 -  Obtaining Patient Feedback at Point of Service Using Electronic Kiosks  Download Article

FY2014-2015, CMMI Study Findings-IHARP PCP/Clinical Pharmacist Collaborative  Download the compendium

White Papers

Patient-Interactive Healthcare Management - a disruptive technology that matters  Download White Paper

Patient Experience Excellence  Download White Paper

Patient-Interactive Reporting® - The Driver Behind System Wide Collaboration  Download White Paper


The Iron is Hot: Technology, Society and Business are Aligning to Forge New Standards in Healthcare  Download Article