Professional Services

Created by Care Partners Plus, Wellby® helps health care providers deliver personalized patient experience excellence using high tech tools that instantly communicate data from patients anytime, anywhere, at any point of contact. The system is elegantly designed to make patient engagement so personal, so simple and so straightforward that barriers to information gathering disappear. Data is tailored to meet the specific needs of health care organizations, providers, patients, caregivers and families and easily integrates with existing technology and information systems that are currently in place. The Company’s vision is to use personalized high tech communications to help transform health care globally. Wellby offers a tremendous support to any health care organization seeking to be their best. Distinguished by its patient-centered approach, at the same time, it helps the health system to make and to save money.

CarePartners Plus has specialized knowledge in using patient generated information to improve health care administration. The Company offers professional services to clients in three key areas:

Culture Change - Provides leadership with the tools and technologies to institute and manage the vision for culture change and true patient experience excellence

Value-Based Compensation - Pay for high Quality Outcomes - avoid financial penalties, improve ratings, increase billings; Revenue Generation - timely documentation for new patient services that are billable (as one example)

Cost Avoidance - Drives all aspects of patient care delivery and rapid assessment outcomes (some of the most notable examples are around increasing patient compliance and reducing government program penalties)


  • Client Strategy and Communications Planning
  • Continuous Quality Performance
  • Custom Program Development
  • Project Management
  • Train the Trainer Certification
  • Program Maintenance
  • Population Value Based Programs Workforce Education
  • Population Risk Control Programs
  • Workforce Health Benefit Integration Programs
  • Workforce and Patient Rewards Program
  • On Demand Tailored Patient Service Programs



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