Pharmaceutical Companies


America’s pharmaceutical companies develop and market a vast array of prescriptions drugs, which patients spend hundreds of billions each year to buy. These drugs have the potential to save lives and forestall future illnesses. Yet, studies have indicated that many people either take the wrong dosages or fail to take their medications at all, further burdening the health care system in terms of increased utilization and cost. 

Pharmaceutical companies know these statistics well; what has been harder to determine is where the connection between prescription creation and patient compliance breaks down. Are patients confused about their medicines? Do doctors fail to communicate the regimen appropriately? The speculation has continued for decades, but few hard, actionable facts have surfaced. 

CarePartners Plus® has an answer. We have created a breakthrough technology that helps pharmaceutical companies better understand how their products are prescribed, the context provided by doctors, and how patients follow through – or fail to – after the doctor’s office visit. Our patient-interactive program gives you timely evidence and useful knowledge to advance your understanding of how your products are actually used – through data shared by patients themselves and delivered to you by an unbiased third party.

Our technology is called Wellby®. This web-based program gathers patient and provider data by enabling patients to report their needs, problems and preferences at the point of care (inpatient/outpatient/home/on the go). Wellby gathers information regarding patient perceptions of their health care encouters and their health goals, including information on the prescriptions they received, their understanding of how to take them safely and adherence to their medication regimen. Wellby then makes this data available to you in real-time through customizable reports. Learn more

The CarePartners Plus team knows the challenges you face. Our diverse backgrounds in hospitals, clinics, administration, government and other realms make us excellent partners who understand your goals and challenges. We look forward to helping you achieve your objectives with our revolutionary technology and program.