Pharma and Bio Sciences

People have valuable information to share – Wellby® provides a direct approach to engage them.

Wellby can now offer Pharma manufacturers, retailers, benefits managers, clinical pharmacists and Integrated Delivery Network customers innovative, web-based tools that allow them to efficiently build consumer generated, medication-related databases that help fulfill their enterprise objectives. Using intuitive consumer-facing client interfaces (i.e., Wellby’s Patient Experience and Patient Relationship Manager) and additional components that include industry protocol reference libraries, residing in Wellby’s Content Manager, combined with reporting and dashboard programs which translate raw data into meaningful information (using Wellby’s Analytics Manager), customers gain valuable insights they can leverage to enable better experiences and outcomes where consumers live their lives. 

Wellby provides its customers real time reporting, expedited reporting, aggregate reporting, clinical trial reporting, alternative treatment formulary reporting, risk control reporting, market testing reporting, cost containment reporting and other reporting plus the support services needed to host and manage these capabilities. 

The Wellby platform is accessible to customers anywhere in the world with no software installation required. Available as an on-demand, software-as-a-service (SaaS), customers can enormously benefit from the rapid and efficient electronic onboarding of consumers who provide a more robust, real time profile of their experience. Customers are able to create rich centralized repositories configured for immediate and long-term applications. In addition, the ability to repurpose Wellby’s tailored medication-related tools ensures highly efficient and convenient implementations for users. Wellby conveniently scales large populations for rapid deployment without protracted, disruptive IT integration, high upfront costs, system investment or ongoing maintenance issues. This means total flexibility and ease-of-use for customers of all types and sizes. Overall, start-up times are minimal. 


Wellby plays a critical role in providing the data necessary for pharmacovigilance to take place in order to market or to test and achieve peak sales of pharmaceutical products that help people get what they need to improve their condition faster. Heavily focused on collecting information from patients and healthcare providers via pharmacovigilance agreements and signed consents, Wellby can be used to detect, assess, monitor and prevent adverse effects associated with pharmaceutical products, minimize the risk of any harm that may come to patients and accelerate the authorization of medication related treatments needed to improve their quality of life.  Adverse events such as medication errors, overdose, misuse and abuse of a drug, or when indicated, the modification of diagnosis or disease therapy without adverse event itself. It can also provide auditable trails for attesting to federal and state regulated conditions of stakeholder participation.

Wellby provides its customers difficult to capture, interpersonal experiential data needed to overcome road blocks due to lack of perceptions of clinical and non-clinical differentiation and cost effectiveness. The vital drug safety data Wellby captures and reports is highly beneficial for validating the cost benefit of specific medication treatments used to help patients improve their quality of life and influence key stakeholder perceptions of the related efficacies. This data is organized and reported in a structured, actionable, meaningful way that makes decision-making easier and faster.


  • Assists brand managers in the creation of effective business and communication strategies that work seamlessly with targeted audiences to accelerate to market launches and rapid market penetration
  • Assists educators and reimbursement specialists to capture, document and communicate treatment efficacies and brand differentiation needed to achieve peak sales
  • Assists practitioners with patient treatment knowledge, sub indicators and conditions for acceptance
  • Assists patients with alleviating their pain and suffering by shortening the time to get the treatment needed before their condition deteriorates

Pharmacy Professionals

  • Assists pharmacist’s ability to work at top of their license to succeed in value-based, quality focused environments 
  • Assists inpatient and ambulatory pharmacists with more efficient tools to perform cost effective medication therapy management services
  • Assists pharmacist - physician clinical collaboratives that improve quality and decrease cost

Retail, Hospital, PBM and Specialty Pharmacies

  • Assists with Medicare Part D Drug Plan and STAR rating improvement capabilities 
  • Assists with billable Population Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services
  • Assists with improving Transitions of Care services
  • Assists with Alternative Treatment and Pharmacogenomic services
  • Assists with cost benefit and containment capabilities
  • Assists with Compliance and Accreditation Attestation Services

The magnitude of stakeholder benefits Wellby enables is unprecedented.
People have valuable information to share – engage them.

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