Personal Health Account

Every enrolled patient receives a Personal Account which allows them to access and view personalized health related data, self-management tools and documents, as well as clinical information from their EMR through a personalized portal. This includes outreach messages from their provider organizations and care teams.

Patients are registered in the system when they are admitted to the hospital, visit their doctor's office or they can register independently from home, work or on the go. This enables them to conveniently access their personal care information, contacts and medical supply sources in addition to viewing, downloading and transmitting patient information and secure messages (MU 2 requirements).  It is the beginning point for creating their personalized longitudinal record of their health care journey that they own and add to whenever they have a new health care experience. Information can freely flow into their record or it can be entered manually.  Patients have the ability to keep track of their health from sickness to recovery and to maintain their wellness. They can restrict and share access with their care team, family, friends and others based on user permissions under the patient’s control.

Incorporating Wellby into an existing portal makes new data accessible to patients and gives them additional reasons to engage.  Enables organizations, employers and payers to provide innovative health benefits.


  • Longitudinal Record of health encounters
  • Registry of needs, problems and preferences
  • Consolidation of personal health information
  • Telehealth services
  • Health and Wellness education resources
  • Preventive Care and Medication reminders
  • Screening & Risk Assessment status
  • Health Trackers/Mobile Check-ins
  • e-Journal
  • Clinical Trial information
  • Rewards Programs
  • Medical Marketplace
  • Provider Directories


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