Patients & Consumers


In a health care system that has many excellent features as well as serious defects, one participant is often overlooked: you, the consumer of health care. Your voice is not always heard. Your opinions are not often asked. You are the center of health care in America – but not always central to the care process.

This is now changing. More and more,  health care providers and policy-makers now understand that people like you can play a transformational role in improving the effectiveness of the health care system and, as a consequence, improving the health of our economy. 

CarePartners Plus® moves this idea one giant leap forward. We designed an innovative approach that actually encourages you to participate in your care as a true partner. Our integrated system – called Wellby® – helps you self-report your needs, problems and preferences, at your convenience, to shape your medical care, evaluate the care you get, and benefit from information and guidance tools that help you take charge of your health and achieve your health goals. Wellby is the consumers’ system – one designed to give every patient a voice in their health care.

Wellby starts with simple things like having your doctor ask you about your health goals. Do you want to control a chronic condition? Get fitter? Investigate a worrisome symptom? Your doctor asks you – and then works with you to develop a care plan. You and your doctor set goals that are within your control, and agree on a plan of action to meet these goals.

CarePartners Plus understands that different people learn in different ways, and knows that education doesn’t need to be complex or dull to carry an effective message. Wellby keeps things friendly and interesting so the learning takes hold, using friendly and easy to use interactive tools. The system records information you report and tools/resources you utilize to provide a longitudinal record of all of your health care experiences, in one location, to make accessing your information easy and convenient for you.

The information you provide is extremely valuable to the doctor looking after you, since it immediately indicates how well your care plan is understood and being put into action – what’s working and what’s not. That information is also valuable to health insurance companies who are paying the doctor’s bills and who must ensure that high standards are being met. Finally, the information helps those who set health care policy to understand what’s working best and what’s not, so they can react to ineffectiveness more rapidly. Your information can also be shared  with members of your care team, family and friends, based on your permission. 

Wellby works as a win-win. You help to set your personal health goals. You report your needs, problems and preferences to your care team for follow-up action. You participate more actively and knowledgeably in taking charge of your health by accessing Wellby tools. And the giant U.S. health care system – with its wonderful qualities and its defects – improves because you and people like you transform your understanding of what to do to put better health into action.

That’s the shape of things to come – with your doctors and care team communicating more fully and easily thanks to the Wellby system – and you an active partner now at the center of the health care universe.