Patient Experience Relationship Manager

Web-based patient-facing access and engagement software enables patients and their families to report self-identified needs, problems and preferences in real-time across the care continuum and provides a 360° view of the Patient Experience. Using a consumer friendly interface, Wellby empowers patients to electronically generate provider-requested and self-directed, actionable, real-time information in the inpatient, outpatient and home settings (MU Stage 3 proposed requirement).


  • Real-time Patient-facing HIT Interface
  • Standardized Assessments in plain language
  • Interactive Care Plan monitoring
  • Personalized Health Account
  • Telehealth Interface
  • Interactive Care Plan monitoring
  • Longitudinal Health Record
  • Health Education Resources
  • Health Trackers
  • Medication Adherence Trackers
  • Reward Programs
  • Health care outreach access
  • MU 2: view/download/transmit, secure messaging
  • MU3 (Proposed): patient-generated health data from clinical and non-clinical settings, view/download/transmit, secure messaging


Platform &