Patient Portal

Typically, portal functionality is limited to providing patients with a view of a subset of their EMR data and some basic means of contacting their provider’s office (e.g. requesting an appointment). For many patients, these functions do not add up to a compelling reason to access the site, as shown by the low adoption rates of most patient portals. Wellby’s additional functionality across the care continuum adds a wealth of tools for patients such as the ability to scan documents at the point-of-care, daily mobile check-ins from home, access to personalized health informational resources and the ability to complete quality screenings or risk assessments.

Wellby’s patient portal can stand alone or easily be white labeled and tethered to an existing Customer EMR to augment their functionality.  For customers that do have existing portals in use, Wellby can be readily integrated on the backend to allow Wellby data to flow into these portals.  Incorporating Wellby into an existing portal makes new data available to patients and gives them additional reasons to log in.

Beyond the added convenience, with Wellby patients know that their voice will be heard. The needs, problems and preferences they express will be connected directly to those responsible for resolving the them.  If the issues remain, access to advocates who can intervene on their behalf is just a click away.

Combining these features and peace of mind into a single portal gives patients more reasons to connect more often. For the client, this means higher patient adoption of HIT – and the ability to document it for MU usage standards.


  • Patient-friendly engagement interface
  • Enables needs, problems, preference reporting and resolution status
  • Connects care team, caregivers, advocates, patients, family & friends
  • Available on PC and mobile to increase patients’ access to personal health information
  • Access to Personal Health Account: request appointments, medication refills, Health Trackers, self-management resources
  • Core functionality includes the ability to view, download and transmit patient information as well secure messaging between patients and care teams, as well as friends and family members
  • Tracks rewards points and more


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