Patient Experience Manager

Client-facing access and coordination software provides an instantaneous view of the patient’s status and self-identified needs, problems and preferences, across the care continuum, which otherwise may go undetected. The system merges administrative and clinical accountability data, translates the patient experience into medical lexicon and triggers warnings in real-time for patients at risk.

At the system’s core is a content reference database which includes rules based content mapped to national quality standards and evidence-based medicine protocols and guidelines.  Patient facing content is presented in plain language at the 6th grade level and translated into medical lexicon in real-time for the client user group.  System algorithm collects clinical and non-clinical patient needs/problems/preferences reported, sorts the data by category (medical, medication, behavioral, personal and organizational) and triages the information by significance level (high, moderate, low) based on the effect on the patient’s condition if the problem or need is not remediated.  Response team receives real-time notification as needs/problems/preferences are reported. Software enables response team to provide immediacy of quality response utilizing tools to document and track interventions, time involved and patient status.  


  • Informs about patient status
  • Longitudinal record of patient’s relationship with provider
  • Practice guideline protocols
  • Core data sets
  • Flags disparities and variations in care  
  • Problem resolution service
  • Stratified dashboards & reporting
  • Open-closed ticket log status
  • Provider quality performance data
  • Contains pharma and bio life science drug safety content
  • Supplements data for national quality program acknowledgement (ACO, Meaningful Use, PCMH, PQRS, Star, CAHPS, FQHC Uniform Data Set, ACGME Resident Evaluation, FEHB, NQF, JC) and Medical Loss Ratio Quality Improvement guidelines
  • FQHC Uniform Data Set, ACGME Resident Evaluation, FEHB, NQF, JC)
  • Identifies revenue production/cost containment opportunities

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