Outpatient Interface

Wellby’s Outpatient device software is designed to maximize usage and utility

  • Non-Disruptive
    • Compact, low maintenance design
    • High reliability with 24/7 remote monitoring
    • Minimal effort required from providers, managers, care coordinators, IT staff
  • Easy to Use Interface
    • Touchscreen only interface
    • Less than 2 minutes to complete
    • Proven usability with wide range of demographic groups
  • Secure
    • Data is submitted directly to high security data center
    • No local storage of information
  • Scalable Data Collection to every patient, every visit


Software interface works with:

  • Touch Screens
  • Color Double-Sided Scanners
  • Card Readers: Mag Stripe & 2D
  • Windows-based embedded PCs
  • Audio Amplifiers & Speakers
  • Universal Power Supply & Distribution


  • Customized Firefox browser
  • Hardware interface plugins
  • LogMeIn Pro Remote: monitoring, control and logging software

No local storage of patient reported information
No Privileged Access: does not require access to client’s internal network


Platform &