Inpatient Interface

Wellby’s InPatientCarePad interface is friendly and engaging software available to patients at their hospital bedside during inpatient stays. The simple interface allows them to:

  • Access web-based content such as social networks to stay connected with family and friends
  • Review educational information specific to their conditions
  • Receive clinical notifications and requests
  • Complete quality and risk assessments
  • Express their needs, problems and preferences with a few simple taps
  • Follow the resolution of reported issues

As part of the Wellby Platform, information collected with the InPatientCarePad is available to Clients in real-time in the form of alerts, interactive dashboards and reports.  In the case of patient-identified needs, problems and preferences, notifications are routed to the proper user group responsible for responding to the issue. These groups can track interventions, communication and time spent through to resolution.


  • Rides on tablets
  • Available rugged protective case with charging cradle
  • Screen treatable with standard hospital anti-microbial cleansers
  • Client iOS interface application
  • Allows patients to self report needs, problems and preferences
  • No local storage of PHI
  • Automatic account set up/patient assignment
  • Centralized administration through Mobile Device Management suite

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