Health Insurers


The fundamental health insurance proposition is changing: from simply paying claims to paying claims and achieving better value and  health outcomes; from marketing to employers to reaching out to consumers as well. In this dynamic environment, you need to offer programs that respond to new needs and differentiate your plans and community service by using impartial, transparent data to get the facts on the table. 

CarePartners Plus® has the ultimate system to help you achieve this – one that engages individuals, appeals to employers, promotes better outcomes and saves money.

The system is Wellby®. Wellby revolutionizes how people interact with health care and delivers what your customers want and what health insurers need. With Wellby, everyone is empowered to communicate their needs, problems and preferences while they differentiate the quality of every experience.

The benefits are obvious: Enlisting individual members in their own care encourages them to be value-conscious consumers and enhances their loyalty to your brand. The Wellby system enables patients to more intensively engage in their health care and heightens their interest in wellness.  As they take action to improve their health – transitioning from knowing to doing – they also do their part to unburden the health system as a whole.

To members, Wellby is a care participation and wellness service program. To you, it is a means to gain immediate, patient-reported data from members regarding  the effectiveness of their treatment. Wellby provides real-time data in an actionable format you can respond to. It identifies members at risk, enables and validates caregiver interventions, and reports whether desired outcomes have occurred. This gives insurers a better way to uncover opportunities for performance improvement and act on them. 

Wellby has been tested in the real world. Thousands of patients have utilized the Wellby system in clinical pilots at nine locations in corporate, academic and independent practice settings. Findings revealed that, on average, 2.19 variations in care from evidence-based medicine occurred during the provider encounter. In addition, 30 out of 100 patients identified a medical or medication-related problem that potentially put the patient at risk. In a study in Pennsylvania, patients were found to be willing to be engaged 76% of the time the provider requested them to directly generate electronic data about their encounter.

What is the ultimate value of the Wellby system? To innovative health insurers providing high quality services at lower cost, it offers a patient-centered solution that may very well become the heart and soul of marketing success.