Government Agencies


At every level, governments are sagging under the growing weight of health care obligations. The number of people relying on government for care is growing, along with utilization rates. Most current strategies for slowing rising costs promise little realistic relief. 

CarePartners Plus® does not sell magic wands, but we have developed an innovative program to address national health care priorities – from preventive medicine, to chronic disease management, to reducing disparities, fraud and inefficiency – without overhauling the existing system. Our program also helps to systematically measure and monitor progress made toward achieving national priorities of improved quality and cost reduction as health care is expanded for the millions who have little or no insurance and the impact of doing so on the rest of the population.

We do this by harnessing two driving forces for reform – the patient’s personal power to maintain and improve health and the innovative technologies to bring patients into the system as a significant influence on their own care. This combination of people empowerment and advanced technology lies at the heart of our Wellby® system. Wellby consolidates quality measures and requirements from several existing quality authorities onto one platform to transcend costly barriers to efficiencies that survive in many fragmented and bureaucratic domains.

Wellby begins by engaging physicians and other caregivers who are prompted, in turn, to engage their patients in carefully structured dialogue. Patients help to set their health goals and are urged to evaluate the care they receive in a standardized process we call Patient-Interactive Reporting. Data generated from the patient allows system participants to monitor what’s working and what’s not – in real time. This data also identifies trends that can guide improvements in protocols, leading to better outcomes. It’s an approach that offers benefits throughout the system, including greater likelihood of targeted utilization and the use of preventive measures.

Wellby helps to advance national health policy in several significant ways: by promoting adoption of health information standards, providing increased focus on preventive care and behavior modification programs, fostering transparency in quality and pricing, encouraging more consistent practice of evidence-based medicine and seamlessly linking practice-level quality improvement to point-of-care interventions.

The Wellby system is ideally suited for health care in a democracy. Why? Wellby does not discriminate and it shatters the patient-as-passive-recipient model. Wellby enlists individuals in the voluntary setting of health goals and adherence to prescribed, proven protocols. It turns the physician/patient relationship into a partnership dedicated to the patient’s well being. Wellby leads directly to higher levels of self-monitoring, compliance and preventive measures – all of which are known to forestall expensive future interventions. When people take action to improve their health, they do their part to unburden the health system as a whole, which spends hundreds of billions of dollars a year to treat preventable medical issues.

So no matter when you or your beneficiaries become patients – whether you are in the DoD and eligible for TRICARE benefits or benefits under the Veterans Administration, the Federal Employee Benefit Administration, Bureau of Primary Care, Department of Corrections, or entitled to any other government sponsored health benefits program – the Wellby system ensures that you consistently receive the highest level of care – anywhere.

Wellby leads to healthier living and a better value for the nation’s substantial investment in health care. This is change that government at all levels can embrace.