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You take your responsibility for your employees’ and your members’ health very seriously because they are at the center of your competitive advantage. You must manage benefits cost while helping to maintain optimal productivity.

Shouldn’t you insist on joining a health plan that can provide you impartial data about the quality of their networks? Shouldn’t you have access to relevant information that distinguishes high-performing providers from the rest? Only with this information can you determine whether the providers for which your benefit plans pay truly understand how a healthy workforce and employee presenteeism drive your competitiveness and success. These insights are what CarePartners Plus® helps you achieve. 

CarePartners Plus draws employees into the process of making decisions about their care, giving feedback on the care they receive and taking a more active role in staying healthy and managing disease. This is made possible by the Wellby® system of engaging and empowering individuals across the entire health care continuum.

When care providers and insurers offer your workforce the Wellby system, your employees will begin to understand what's important in choosing the care that you and they pay for together and will learn how to select a health benefit plan that works for you both. They will get better at recognizing what they can do to make healthier personal pocketbook choices and living choices, while assuming their role in helping to shop for health plans that value and reward their active engagement.

With such an approach – supported by the tools to make it happen – you can gain the true benefits of a good health care program: higher employee satisfaction and retention of good employees. These are the building blocks of every company’s competitive position.

You are empowered as well, since the Wellby system delivers reports and data that flow through to you – data on how well doctors and other care providers are treating your employees, reports on best practices across the nation and on how well your health plan is meeting national standards. You will be able to compare health plans and choose the best for your needs. In this way, Wellby gives you the most cost-effective approach to making your business more competitive.

Best of all, the Wellby system– which includes a process for providing incentives to physicians for keeping your employees healthy – actually does keep them healthy, as well as ensures the most effective care when illness strikes. When you are determining whether to renew your existing health plans, check to ensure that network providers will empower your employees with an independent voice in their experience and a means for getting actively engaged in improving their health.

It all adds up to great value – as measured both in dollars spent and in quality of care.