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Health care is at the center of the national debate, as government, industry and the not-for-profit sectors accelerate their efforts to find innovative ways to improve quality, value and access while slowing the escalating national burden of health care costs. With so many potential solutions and approaches in the works, it falls to those in the research field to bring focus and rigor to the process of identifying the weaker concepts and elevating those that can deliver exceptional results. 

CarePartners Plus® has created a breakthrough technology, known as Wellby® to help you achieve your research goals with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency. Our patient-interactive program gives you timely empirical evidence and useful knowledge to advance research in virtually every area of health care – with experiential data shared by patients themselves and delivered to you by an unbiased third party. Ultimately, Wellby offers the ability to link human behavior with improved clinical outcomes.

This web-based program gathers patient and provider data using the consumer as a resource, by capturing data at the point of care (i.e., anywhere a patient resides while interacting with their health care). Wellby rapidly gathers information regarding patient needs, problems, preferences and perceptions of their health care experience and their health goals, and provides immediate actionable feedback and patient education information. It then makes this data available to you through customizable reports that help you: examine the effect of risk factor interventions; evaluate customized continuous care management programs; provide comprehensive evidence of how patients are treated and advance a range of other research goals. Wellby can be adapted for clinical trials and is compatible with existing e-systems.

Wellby has been tested in the real world. Thousands of patients have utilized the Wellby system in clinical pilots at nine locations in corporate, academic and independent practice settings. Findings revealed that, on average, 2.19 variations in care from evidence-based medicine occurred during the provider encounter. In addition, 30 out of 100 patients identified a medical or medication-related problem that potentially put the patient at risk. In a study in Pennsylvania, patients were found to be willing to be engaged 76% of the time the provider requested them to directly generate electronic data about their encounter.

The CarePartners Plus team knows the medical field. Our diverse backgrounds in hospitals, clinics, administration, government and other realms make us excellent science partners who understand your goals and challenges. We look forward to helping you achieve your objectives with our revolutionary technology and program.