Unprecedented magnitude of stakeholder benefits. System empowers patients to measure, assess, validate and report the value of health care services purchased and delivered. System captures the patient’s individual experiences and the presence of significant clinical and non-clinical problems and needs which otherwise may go undetected and may adversely affect patient safety and generate avoidable expenditures. This standards, evidence and value-based information is then routed in real-time to activate response team interventions and activities. The system keeps the status of these needs and problems on an open docket list until the items are resolved. The docket views are stratified for first level responders to the most senior oversight administrators. 

•    Gives every patient a voice – creates a longitudinal record of their experiences
•    Reinforces the immediacy of the relationship with the care team; enables ability for quick response to patient issues
•    Supports hard to reach remote populations
•    Reports in a structured manner that enables response team to expeditiously respond
•    Stratifies patient status so leadership remains informed 
•    Scrutinizes quality and acuity to the individual level for each experience
•    Accelerates immediacy and intimacy of corrective actions
•    Lowers patient and family frustrations with health care experience
•    Makes economic customer-satisfying health care a reality
•    Enhances the way health care organizations are perceived
•    Complements existing infrastructures
•    Provides model of excellence for large scale transformation
•    Discovers service efficiencies that reach desired health outcomes
•    Accelerates Rapid Cycle Quality and Compliance Improvement
•    Intensifies care coordination activities while lowering intensification costs
•    Makes World Class Patient Experience Excellence attainable
•    Enables enhanced assessment of existing program(s) ROI 
•    Attests to highest degrees of integrity and accountability of the health system
•    Magnitude of economies make benefits self-sustaining


•    Turnkey high-tech patient-facing client platform that easily expands or collapses for modernization
•    Standardized multi-dimensional holistic system-wide and precision clinical and non-clinical applications
•    Seamless transfer of health information for immediacy and intimacy of quality response
•    Contemporaneously accesses and appropriately communicates patient status to expedite in and out of network support 
•    Connects health care and social services with patient when overlapping services needed 
•    Supports fee-for-value reimbursement models
•    Ability to compare the cost of health care with supporting quality outcomes in and out of network


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