Data and Analytics

Wellby® provides a proprietary Data & Analytics package which includes descriptive analytics, stratified reporting, a personal user account and robust reports which include standards-based, evidence-based data, currently unavailable to the client, organized into major categories: Patient Experience Status, Patient Safety Status, Quality Status, Administrative and Financial Reports. 
System captures, analyzes and classifies data about a patient’s health care experience in real-time at the point of care - converges data from all devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, kiosk, biometrics) into a cohesive longitudinal record of the patient’s journey. During the assessment of their experience as patient's self-identify needs problems and preferences, the system’s embedded algorithms process the data and classify it further into five value-based categories: Medical, Medication, Behavioral, Personal and Organizational. In addition, the system triages the needs, problems and preferences by significance level (high, moderate, low) based on the effect on the patient’s condition if the problem or need is not remediated. Identifies at risk patients for early intervention and notifies response team in real time to enable early remediation.
Organizational Executives receive a daily Management Flash which reports any spikes in patient reported needs and problems over the past 24 hours across all settings.  Needs and problems are reported by business unit, category and by high significance. This information enables internal resources to be more effectively and efficiently deployed to areas within their system that need more attention.
In addition to the early warning of unmet patient needs, problems and preferences which affect the patient’s experience, the proprietary standards-based software processes and analyzes the patient’s feedback to measure quality analytics: (a) the provider’s clinical effectiveness, (b) compliance with standards of care, (c) communication skills, (d) the patient’s understanding of treatment goals and (e) the patient’s overall perceptions and satisfaction. All of this information is captured and stored in a real- time longitudinal record of the patient’s experience with their chosen provider covering sickness, recovery, lifestyle and wellness. 


  • Provider-requested and patient-directed reporting
  • Real-time data collection starting Day 1
  • Real-time immediacy of quality response
  • Profiles and role based data views; drill downs
  • Alert and notification services
  • Audit logs validation and workload productivity
  • Standards based provider performance benchmarking
  • Identifies opportunities for quality improvement and cost avoidance



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