Accreditation Organizations


Health care is at the center of the national debate, as government, industry and the not-for-profit sectors accelerate their efforts to find innovative ways to improve quality, value and access while slowing the escalating national burden of healthcare costs.

This race for results is placing greater demands on those who accredit medical institutions and practitioner. Standards of care are continually evolving, requiring continuous retooling of the measures of success and the best ways to achieve them. A persistent hurdle has been the inability to get clear, unfiltered information from patients regarding their healthcare experiences at the provider level. 

CarePartners Plus® has developed a solution that uses interactive technologies to harness the power of the patient. Our Wellby® system dramatically increases patient involvement in their own healthcare and gives caregivers easy-to-use tools that focus their clinical conversations on key health topics that lead to better patient compliance with treatment plans.

Wellby takes relatively complex aspects of patient management and channels them into structured, dignified accountability processes that the average patient can engage in from the clinical suite. Wellby does this in a scalable way that translates into behavior change benefits that can be measured and monitored more effectively than many of the inefficient current methodologies.

Wellby provides electronic measurement at the point of care, inpatient/outpatient/home, replacing paper reporting – then takes it a step further by providing real-time statistics that describe how well a process is performed and identifies activities that can be corrected immediately.

The Wellby system is seamless: At the doctor's office, it begins with engaging orientation booklets in the waiting room, continues with personal health planners in the exam room, and culminates in a brief, touch-screen-based exit survey that lets patients verify the treatment received and their understanding of their own responsibility for taking steps to better health. In the hospital setting, patients utilize a bedside tablet to respond to provider-generated assessments and self-report their needs, problems and preferences. At home and on the go, patients can stay connected with their healthcare using Wellby's mobile app for daily check- ins on the patient's status and secure clinical messages for personalized, educational material, medications and preventive care reminders, or specific provider-originated messages and requests.

Behind the scenes, administrators, doctors and others have instant access to a broad range of patient-generated data – unbiased, third-party information from which to refine clinical approaches to deliver better outcomes and greater efficiency. Wellby’s simple, elegant platform enables a disciplined, data-driven approach and method for scientifically eliminating deviations outside of established best practice protocols on a per-patient, per-visit basis.

Wellby is based on achieving national healthcare priorities using time-honored guidelines and standards fostered by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), the National Quality Forum (NQF), CMS, JC, CARF, NCQA, URAC, AQA, and other leading consensus organizations, and federal and state quality and integrity agencies and institutions as well as both large and small business and labor associations. It is affordable, scalable and used in a range of settings, such as physicians’ offices, hospitals and ancillary departments as well as nursing homes/SNFs and home health.

CarePartners Plus, through its Wellby system, helps to create what administrators, doctors and patients truly want: better care in a sustainable national health care system.