CarePartners Plus® "Where Smarter Health Happens®"

Our brand is Wellby® (Well-be)

Our Company exists for one reason. We believe people are central to transforming the course of health care.
CarePartners Plus, LLC (CPP) is a technology enabled health care communications, data and software company that provides people-centric and end-user Health IT tools that capture, analyze, translate and exchange in real time, patient generated information about their experiences and align with business models that reward providers, payers and other stakeholders for improved patient experience, compliance and outcomes. Using our proprietary system called Patient-Interactive Health Care Management branded Wellby®, the Company delivers high impact engagement tools that reinvent care connections and drive widespread changes in the health care delivery system by simplifying a cultural shift in the patient's role that leads to more personalized and satisfying health care experiences.

The CPP team has more than a century of clinical, operations, governance and HIT experience combined. They have been cited for their innovative contributions to the fields of Heath Care Management, Patient Engagement and Cultural Transformation.

What does Patient Engagement mean?

Patient Engagement means more than providing portals and social media pages. It means centering around people’s needs, problems and preferences and swiftly delivering resolutions. Wellby provides customizable tools that transform how people engage with the health care industry and how the industry can effectively communicate with people, to create seamless patient engagement experiences during, after and in between encounters and connect to peoples' everyday life in a more effortless and hassle free way. With Wellby, Millennials, Xers, Boomers and the Greatest Generation are no longer passive onlookers. They become fully engaged in their own health care. Their voices matter. Their experiences count. Information flows. And everything changes.

Things to remember about Wellby® 


1. Unprecedented connectivity
2. Unparalleled differentiator
3. Unsurpassed economic opportunities